Mango Bahia Blockchain Overview 


Asset-backed token Unlike other blockchain projects in the fast food sector, Mango is to be an asset-backed token that directly connects investors with organic food producers and individual restaurants/franchises; it also indirectly connects investors with consumers. Producers, retail consumers, investors and Mango Bahia workers all benefit together from increasing local sales and the worldwide demographic trend toward sustainable lifestyles. Mango Blockchain's decentralized applications will allow investors, food producers and restaurant franchisees to interact on a peer-to-peer basis, reducing or eliminating inefficiencies in the vegan and vegetarian food marketplace, saving money for consumers and franchisees, and earning returns for investors.


Tech Overview:​

The Mango Bahia Blockchain technology include:


Mango Blockchain will consist of several interlocking systems – 


  • Mango token An asset-backed digital token backs a currency with real value to be used for (A) purchasing meals and services through retail outlets, (B) paying organic food producers and service providers, (C) compensating employees and managers and (D) rewarding investors who choose to participate in the vegan/vegetarian and sustainable lifestyle marketplace. Producer-to-Kitchen platform The Producer-to-Kitchen (PTK) application will provide a decentralized peer-to-peer platform to expedite the menu planning, ingredient purchasing and delivery process for all retail restaurants and preparation/delivery facilities, as essential for serving fresh vegan and vegetarian meals.


  • Kitchen-to-Customer platform The Kitchen-to-Customer (KTC) application is based on standard inventory management, scheduling, accounting and restaurant POS software for retail sales, commercial kitchens and delivery services. 


  • Mango Investor platform The Mango Investor (MI) application will connect investors with producers as well as individual restaurants and franchisees on a global basis. Mango Bahia will manage the platform, and everyone will benefit from reduced friction in the vegan and vegetarian marketplace.


  • IOT Internet of Things An Internet of Things (IoT) approach will be used with appropriate hardware for monitoring and communications between diverse elements such as organic farms (Mango Bahia vertical air farms), (Bahia processing)  food preparation and retail restaurant operating processes, and the (Mango Aire) ecommerce, subscription, fulfillment and delivery services ,all connected through Mango Blockchain.


           Unique value proposition:

  • Customers/investor benefits will increase if purchased tokens value increases as the company scales. Hypothetically customer receives free  products  from our offerings  if token  increases in value. Example purchase $100 dollars in tokens then that same $100 3 months later is worth 300 dollars my ROI is 200 which can be used to buy products & services within the Mango ecosystem. In which case we repurchase tokens. For our products or customer/ investor sells off to the market. 


  • Future protection against dollar based economic downturns. 

  • Limited currency supply

  • Strong Competitive advantage- Ecosystem  

  • Asset based token increases in value as company grows steady growth minus speculators

  • Strong competitive advantage is Data which is encrypted by way of our token. In which safeguards our customers from unauthorized data breaches unlike credit cards. 

  • Lays the foundation for other new innovation to spread throughout  the company including to franchisees.  

  • Internet of Things (IOT) syncs all ecosystem for a seamless customer experience across all platforms.